„Selfie” volleyball training

Work hard to win hard! Every professional needs to train in order to arrive at the desired level. Nowadays, things have evolved and everything is changing, improving or disappearing (depending on the activity field). We decided to develop and improve our services, so you can benefit from the best products. If selfies were the new trends a couple of years ago, now you can try a different „selfie” and this is the self-volleyball training.

Fun and easy to use

What we can guarantee is a fun and easy training any time of the day and anywhere. You can improve your volleyball skills even if you are at the gym or at home, in your backyard. All you need to do if you want to use your solo training kit is to fix the velcro strap around your waist, then place the ball in its special pouch and attach it to your waist. When you are all set you can begin your training. Set your standards and achieve your goals or even go beyond them because everything is possible with perseverance and hard work.

Watch in action...

Premium quality and high standards

We focused on delivering only premium quality products to you because our standards compel us to offer the best products. When you want to become the best you have to choose what’s best for you and we can definitely help you with that. You can stay in shape, improve your skills and train for volleyball competitions with the SurviveBall!

Adjustable waistband
Suitable for all kind of valley balls.
Adjustable cord

Why use SurviveBall?

  • 1. Better practice. You can practice your new tactics on your own without wasting time to run after the ball.
  • 2. You can train on your own. A great equipment for amateurs or professional volleyball players. After training, you can still practice on your own to improve your skills
  • 3. You can train anytime, anywhere. Practice your serve in the park, in your own yard or ven in your home.

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