Our mission…

The company was founded by a team of volleyball enthusiasts who wanted to make training a lot easier for new players willing to start a career in volleyball. In no time, the idea of creating this “gadget” led to creating a company based on producing the volleyball training equipment.
From a simple single swing – to a strong serve.
The serve is what makes the difference in a volleyball match. Focusing on a great serve means increasing your chanced to win a game and further a championship.
Because we are living in the third millennium where each second counts, we shouldn’t waste any step or any move. We should focus on creating smart strategies of training which will lead to the best result in official matches.

Surviveball started from this idea. As a team passionate of volleyball, we spent a few month brainstorming. At the end of this exhausting but profitable session of brainstorming we came up with the idea of creating this volleyball tool for all the professional playesr, but not only.
Even if you just started playing volleyball or you want to restart your training, this product will definitely be a useful tool for you. If you are a coach and you want to offer a safe and profitable training experience to your players, the SurviveBall is definitely a good start.
Our team is made of a professional volleyball coach, two semi-pro volleyball players and other five volleyball passionate. We started this business with the goal of creating a revolutionary product willing to ease the effort and increase the training solutions to enable every player from swing to serve!

Every volleyball enthusiast knows how important a strong serve is for the game, if you focus on the serve, you’ve already made it half way to the championship. You’ve already won half the game. No matter how big the game, if you have the right equipment and gear by your side, you have what it takes to take the championship home.

Each player is encouraged to do his/her best within his/her abilities on and off the court. We emphasize positive reinforcement to build confidence and self-esteem in each player.

Our hope is to provide a service to help foster continued love for the sport of volleyball and apply the lessons learned both on and off the court. We will strive to develop the abilities of each player within the concept of a team.

We are committed to keep the focus on equal participation, cooperation, sports”friend”ship, responsibility and to have fun. It is all about the learning and fun!

As you can well appreciate, this makes Mission a well rounded organization. We keep encouraging people to come find out “the mission difference”! And here’s why – we’ve got the best in volleyball skill and development, we’ve got a solid business plan, we’ve got a structure to truly care for each and every young person, and we’re going to be constantly creative in making sure everyone is learning.

The Ball

The standard volleyball is made of leather or synthetic leather, weighs between 9 and 10 ounces and has a circumference of 25.6 to 26.4 inches. The ball has a rubber bladder and can be one color or a combination of colors. Synthetic leather is lighter and is fine for beginner players. Junior volleyballs for children 12 years old and younger weigh between 7 and 8 ounces.

The Net and Court

The outdoor volleyball court measures 18 x 9 m, surrounded by a free zone that is 2 meters wide on all sides. The minimum playing space for U.S. volleyball competitions is 7 meters. The volleyball net is 32 feet long by 3 feet wide. For women, the net should be 7 feet, 4 1/8 inches high. For men, the net should be 7 feet, 11 5/8 inches high. U.S. regulation volleyball playing surfaces must be flat and not present any hazards to the players.


The playing court is marked by two sidelines and two end lines. All lines must be 2 inches wide and must be created with a light color that is easy to discern from the playing court. An attack line should be placed three meters from the center line. The center line divides the court into two 9 x 9 meter courts.

Posts and Cables

The volleyball net structure is held together with metal cables and posts. Posts are placed 0.5 to 1.0 meter outside the sidelines and 2.55 meters high. Posts should be round, smooth and padded, to prevent injury to the players should they dive or crash into them. Metal wires and cables may need to be covered if it is determined that they present a danger to the players.

Our VolleyBall Trainig Equipment

Great games are won by well trained players. You have now the chance to train harder on your own by choosing the SurviveBall kit which will offer you the possibility to get better at your game. The volleyball training equipment focuses on getting you better each time you train. Serving well is the first step to become a top player, but sometimes, this practice can be exhausting because you just have to keep running for your ball. Players often train in pairs when it comes to improving their serving skills, but why not training yourself? Training on your own, offers you the chance to be better than your competition and even better than your
team mates because sometime you really need to assure your place in first team. Our SurviveBall is also an option for having a healthy lifestyle. It is suitable for volleyball amateurs who want to train on their own and it is also a good product that helps you maintain your weight as it supports your day by day sport activities. You can use it to create yourself a training program even if you are at home. This is the best feature of this product. You don’t really have to go anywhere as you can simply go out in your yard or even use it indoors if you have a large room to play the serving game.

SurviveBall Team

Our Team...

SurviveBall is the brain-child of a team of volleyball enthusiasts who wanted to
make training a lot easier for hundreds of new players.
Anybody willing to start a career in volleyball knows the hazards of the job, so
there had to be a solution and our dream team came to the rescue.