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SurviveBall VolleyBall Training Aid

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INCREDIBLE SOLO VOLLEYBALL TRAINERS – Practice overhand serve, arm swings or spikes more efficiently, spend more time & energy practising rather than chasing the ball, and improve your game at a much faster rate – utilize alone time smartly, and have fun indoors as well as outdoors.

UNPARALLELED EASE – Rebounder elastic cord fetches the ball almost instantly, helps you do continuous serves or swings to quickly get into the flow, and channelizes your energy where it matters most – people even use this volleyball training aid for soccer, water polo or basketballs.

UNIVERSAL FIT – Adjustable velcro waistband conveniently fits around most waist sizes, adjustable Neoprene pouch can hold any standard or beach volleyball, and with 2 different cords (60 in. & a BONUS 100 in. cord), it is suitable for all builds & skill levels – be it  beginners or professionals.

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No more chasing the ball after every serve just to realize that you have drained all your energy post 2-3 serves only – focus more on serving, spiking or arm swing techniques, and let this waist trainer do the magic of bringing back the ball after every toss, thus saving you energy for the real practice.

SurviveBall Solo Volleyball Trainer

  • Don’t let the absence of another person prevent you from practising your volleyball game – practice solo, and up your game to surprise everyone in the team
  • Serves, spikes & arm swings being most important parts of a volleyball game need thorough practice – complement your determination & spirit with the right aid, and bring out the best in you
  • Practice indoor, outdoor, at the beach or anywhere you can find a suitable space
  • Easy to use design – put the volleyball in the neoprene sleeve, tie the velcro waistband around your waist, and connect the elastic cord to the waistband & sleeve – as simple as that
  • Includes a 60 inch cord and a Bonus 100 inch cord to suit every build type and skill level, the 100 inch cord is wider too to better survive the brunt of the game
  • Fully adjustable design ensures that it is equally suitable for kids & adults
  • Convenient to use, soft & comfortable in touch and feel, and durable in build
  • Not just suitable for all standard volleyballs or beach volleyball but can even be used as a soccer trainer


Additional information

Product Dimensions

Diamond size: 39 x 39cm
Cross size: 43 x 43cm
Waistband size:100cm
Velcro size: 40 x 15cm



7 reviews for SurviveBall VolleyBall Training Aid

  1. Karen C.

    This is best volleyball trainer on Amazon! I’ve used another brand before and it broke after the first day. I put this one through the ringer and its been holding up perfectly! So fun to use too I would recommend this product to anyone volleyball players or coaches.

  2. Alice B.

    I am volleyball coach for young girls and they have been loving the volleyball trainer. It’s really easy for them to practice on their own and never have to chase down the balls. We have tried other trainers like this before but those once were too short and weren’t as durable as this one. I will be buying more of these to have on hand at practice!

  3. Kevin S.

    Bought this for my 12 yr daughter. She has been working on her overhand serves for team tryouts. At first, she said she would not like it. That it looked weird. Lol. But after trying it, she loves it! She likes not having to chase balls. Nicely made. Good product

  4. Tom N.

    So thankful for this product! My son loves playing volleyball but unfortunately we do not have a court near by for him to practice at. Now he’s able to go outside and practice anywhere he wants! He’s a smaller kid but the adjustable belt fits him perfectly.

  5. Kriss O.

    Works well for indoor practice or when you don’t feel much like chasing the ball. I bought it for my 10 year old daughter and the waist band is a little too big for her, but it seems to be made well enough that it’ll last long enough for her to grow into it.

  6. Ana G.

    Good training tool for my daughter. Absolutely love the fact I can work with her without having to chase the ball around.

  7. Diana B.

    No more chasing the ball! We love this trainer. My kids are starting to play volleyball and this will help them a lot during practice. We are very happy with our purchase! Highly recommended.

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